Senior Team Spring Session

My senior team is amazing!   Since we had such a nice day recently and the cherry blossoms were still in bloom we went out for a little shoot.  Can’t wait for more sessions with these girls and for warmer nights.  Enjoy!


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Night Portraits

One thing I love in working with my senior team every year is getting to try different ideas.  I’ve been wanting to do a session at night and we finally got the chance with a nice day.  I met up with Kara and Dara over at Salisbury University.  Lot’s of off-camera flash and getting to use high ISO with the existing light.  It was so much fun wandering around campus with these two beautiful girls and getting to try these portraits.  Enjoy!

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Prom Session – Dryden Dress Co.

We’ve had a good streak of warmer weather lately and it seems as though spring may have arrived early.  I met up with  some of my 2018 Senior Team to do a shoot with Dryden Dress Co. featuring some prom gowns.  We spent some time downtown and had a blast capturing this session with these girls.  

If you haven’t gotten your prom dress yet, head on down to Dryden Dress Co. in Salisbury, Sarah and Julie will take great care of you and help you find your perfect dress.  Happy Prom and enjoy the previews.

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As the weather has taken a turn for the NICER I have been getting some sessions in with my senior model team from the Class of 2017.  Kayla and I met up downtown recently to capture a series in the stairwell of the parking garage.  Not a typical place for portraits, but I have been wanting to mix it up a little bit and try something new.  Enjoy!

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Sydney’s Portraits

Meet Sydney!  She is one of my model reps. from Mardela High School in the Class of 2017.  We spent a lovely evening together in Cambridge, MD capturing her senior portraits.  I had the pleasure of capturing her brother’s portraits a few years back and now it was her turn.  Sydney has these gorgeous brown eyes and is just the sweetest person there is.  We wandered around the town to a few of my favorite spots and finished up her portraits at the marina.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!




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Hailey’s Senior Portraits

This senior is such a multi-faceted person.  First, this girl can sing, sing, sing.  I can’t wait to hear her perform again in Rock and Roll Revival this winter.  Second, she is beautiful, not just outwardly, but she has got a deep inward beauty which makes all the difference.  Lastly, but certainly not an exhaustive list of who she is, she is sweet.  Remembering to include a too-soon departed high school friend in your senior portraits tells me that she thinks of others before herself.  That is a quality lacking in many these days and it was refreshing to see in her during her session.

In a simple way portraits tell a story about the one being photographed.  I love to tell stories about my seniors through what we capture during a session.  The sneak peeks I have included on the blog today hopefully tell a story of all the qualities I mentioned above.  I hope that you can see what I saw when we captured these, beauty.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Emily’s Senior Portraits

Meet Emily!  She is a senior in the Class of 2017 at Salisbury Christian School.  She is a sweet soul that loves Jesus, horses, and her boyfriend too….sounds like a Tom Petty song.  I’m dating myself with that reference, still a good song, just not known by this generation.  Anyway, we got to spend some time together the other day for her senior portrait session.

One thing I love to do is spend time with my senior clients.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be skimped on in regards to time.  I take pride in crafting an experience for my clients that includes things that are important to them and tell a story about who they are.  Emily is one amazing young lady.  She rides, plays soccer, is involved in Young Life and her church and is a great student from what I hear.

We spend some time photographing at some spots that hold special meaning for her.  The railroad station is in their hometown, the barn where she rides, and Assateague(where she spends every spare moment).  It was a great session and we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen at Assateague to wrap up her session.  This is another reason I don’t do mini sessions with my seniors, again it’s too important and you miss out on beautiful settings like this.  Sorry for the novel, but I loved this session and I hope that you love the sneak peeks!  Enjoy!

wilson-blog-1 wilson-blog-2 wilson-blog-3 wilson-blog-4 wilson-blog-5 wilson-blog-6 wilson-blog-7 wilson-blog-8 wilson-blog-9 wilson-blog-10 wilson-blog-11 wilson-blog-12 wilson-blog-13 wilson-blog-14 wilson-blog-15 wilson-blog-16 wilson-blog-17

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Hannah’s Portraits – Salisbury MD senior portrait photographer

Hannah is one of my senior models that I get the chance to work with for the year before she graduates high school.  We’ve done a few sessions together, but so far this one is my favorite and really shows her personality and beauty.  We headed out to Pemberton Park in Salisbury to capture these the other day.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!adkins blog 1
adkins blog 2 adkins blog 3 adkins blog 4 adkins blog 5 adkins blog 6 adkins blog 7 adkins blog 8 adkins blog 9 adkins blog 10 adkins blog 11

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Fall Senior Model Session – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

smr fall blog 1


The days are getting chillier, the sun is setting earlier, and the fall colors are bursting in the trees.  I love this time of the year with colors unlike any other and soft warm light that contrasts with the colder weather.  It was a day like that when I met up with several of my senior models from the Class of 2016 for a little fall session.  We spent some time over at Winterplace Park here in Salisbury capturing these images.  All of these girls are lovely and such a joy to work with and photograph.  It’s hard to me to believe that we are halfway through their senior year already.  We’ve got a lot more shoots to do before graduation, but this is one of my favorites so far with this group of girls.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great Thanksgiving!!!smr fall blog 2 smr fall blog 3 smr fall blog 4 smr fall blog 5 smr fall blog 6 smr fall blog 7 smr fall blog 8 smr fall blog 9 smr fall blog 10 smr fall blog 11 smr fall blog 12 smr fall blog 13 smr fall blog 14 smr fall blog 15 smr fall blog 16 smr fall blog 17 smr fall blog 18 smr fall blog 19 smr fall blog 20 smr fall blog 21 smr fall blog 22 smr fall blog 23


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Jacob’s Senior Portraits – Salisbury MD senior portrait photographer

wainrightblog 7Meet Jacob!  He is an amazing young man who is a senior at Parkside High School.  Go Rams!  He is gifted with perfect hair and music and plays trombone in the marching, concert, and jazz ensembles at school.  We spent a wonderful evening downtown and out at the Cove capturing his portraits.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great senior year Jacob!

wainrightblog 1 wainrightblog 2 wainrightblog 3 wainrightblog 4 wainrightblog 5 wainrightblog 8 wainrightblog 9 wainrightblog 10 wainrightblog 11wainrightblog 12


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