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Becky’s Portraits

Becky is one of my sweet senior reps for my studio this year.  She is in the Class of 2019 at WiHi, dances and plays volleyball.  She also has a great love of the beach and all things acoustic.  We dodge the rain and spent some time downtown capturing her portraits the other night, then headed off to one of my favorite places to photograph, Roaring Point.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.








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Cindy’s senior portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Cindy! AKA Cincin.  I got to meet this lovely young lady for her portraits before the hurricane rolled into town.  We spent a nice afternoon photographing out in Tyaskin and Bivalve on the Eastern Shore.  We found a couple of places that I don’t normally photograph, but were excellent backdrops for her portraits.  Cindy…I hope you have a great senior year; thanks for having me capture your portraits. Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Nicole’s Sneak Peeks – Salisbury Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Nicole!  She is one of our senior models for the Class of 2016.  A few years back I had the privilege of meeting her and her family for her older sisters senior portraits.  He sister, Chelsea, joined us for part of her shoot and it was great catching up during the session.

I am so excited to be working with Chole this year and getting to capture her portraits.  Our first session was taken on a snowy day back in the winter, you can see pictures from that session here.  Our last session was done downtown and on the beach near Salisbury on a much warmer day than that first session in the snow.  We had a great night, got rained on for a few minutes, and even got a totally unexpected surprise while we were out at the Point(which I won’t mention here).  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Regan’s Senior Portrait {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Regan!  She is one of our senior models for the Class of 2016.  She goes to Bennett High School here in Salisbury.  I had the pleasure of photographing her the other night around Salisbury and then out at Roaring Point Park.  The files were ferocious the night we did her portraits, but we managed to get some great portraits while we were out there.  These are just a few sneak peeks from our session together.  Enjoy!

If you are a junior and beginning to look around at who will create your senior portraits make sure you talk to Regan, she will tell you all about her experience with our studio and the amazing images we provide for our clients.  We are currently booking sessions for the summer and early fall.  Don’t wait as our session openings fill up quickly.  Contact me at the studio for more information and to book your session.

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