Red, White, and Blue…

It’s always a blast when our Senior Team gets together for a shoot.  A few of the girls got together on July 3rd for our Americana shoot and man was it fun.  We went to the old mall parking lot in town and pulled out the American flags and sparklers.


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Kara – 2018

I love working with my Senior Team during the year and this girl is one of the jewels of our team.  We spent the evening out at one of my favorite spots on the shore, Bordeleau Winery, capturing her portraits.  I also love when our seniors incorporate things into their portraits that have special meaning to them.  Kara’s Grandfather has a 1926 Chevrolet truck that he and his father restored.  Many hours, lots of handmade craftsmanship, and tons of love were poured into restoring this amazing truck.  It became a great backdrop for Kara’s portraits on the grass near the vineyard.  We wandered around the vineyard and property capturing lots of different looks and outfits.  It was a beautiful evening and she rocked her portraits.   

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I recently read that Maryland has made another top 10 list.  This list isn’t one to brag about.  Our lovely state apparently is ranked number 4 in the top ten list of most depressed states in America.  The list is based on tweets and you can find the original study here(CNN Twitter Based Study).  I have a problem with this study because I believe it doesn’t adequately represent those of us who live on the Easter Shore.  We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country; pristine golden sandy beaches lie to the East and life is definitely not as fast-paced or hectic as it is across the bay bridge.  If you love the outdoors I feel it is almost impossible to live in  such a beautiful part of the country and be sad about that.  Granted, geography probably does not have much to do with how we feel, but a long relaxing day at the beach, surrounded by good friends is hard to beat and does wonders for your countenance and soul.  There is something about the salty air, the thunderous roar of the waves, the gentle breezes, and the feel of warm sand between your toes that can take the grump out of almost anyone.  

This is where I get to call home and where I get to spend many of my working and leisurely nights during the year.  The only thing better than the beautiful scenery is being able to photograph two equally beautiful young ladies in the midst of that scenery.  The other night we found ourselves in the marshes of the Isle of Wright.  No bugs, no tourists, not even another local to distract us.  It was delightful.  We also took some time to photograph around a wooden bridge near a popular golf course in Ocean City, again we were the only ones seemingly out that night.  I wasn’t quite sure the feel or the look I wanted from these images, but it became evident early in our shoot…..PEACE.  There is a serenity to these images and it marked our time together.  It was relaxed, quite enjoyable, and filled with good conversation.  I am so thankful that I get to do this and that I get to spend time with these amazing girls that are part of my Senior Team.  So, if you are a bit frazzled or hectic today, take a moment and scroll through these images.  In a minute to two you will begin to feel something wonderful….quite, peaceful, and Eastern Shoreish; just a taste of what we experience just about everyday here in this little slice of heaven on earth.  Enjoy!      


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Hailey’s Senior Portraits

This senior is such a multi-faceted person.  First, this girl can sing, sing, sing.  I can’t wait to hear her perform again in Rock and Roll Revival this winter.  Second, she is beautiful, not just outwardly, but she has got a deep inward beauty which makes all the difference.  Lastly, but certainly not an exhaustive list of who she is, she is sweet.  Remembering to include a too-soon departed high school friend in your senior portraits tells me that she thinks of others before herself.  That is a quality lacking in many these days and it was refreshing to see in her during her session.

In a simple way portraits tell a story about the one being photographed.  I love to tell stories about my seniors through what we capture during a session.  The sneak peeks I have included on the blog today hopefully tell a story of all the qualities I mentioned above.  I hope that you can see what I saw when we captured these, beauty.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Emily’s Senior Portraits

Meet Emily!  She is a senior in the Class of 2017 at Salisbury Christian School.  She is a sweet soul that loves Jesus, horses, and her boyfriend too….sounds like a Tom Petty song.  I’m dating myself with that reference, still a good song, just not known by this generation.  Anyway, we got to spend some time together the other day for her senior portrait session.

One thing I love to do is spend time with my senior clients.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be skimped on in regards to time.  I take pride in crafting an experience for my clients that includes things that are important to them and tell a story about who they are.  Emily is one amazing young lady.  She rides, plays soccer, is involved in Young Life and her church and is a great student from what I hear.

We spend some time photographing at some spots that hold special meaning for her.  The railroad station is in their hometown, the barn where she rides, and Assateague(where she spends every spare moment).  It was a great session and we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen at Assateague to wrap up her session.  This is another reason I don’t do mini sessions with my seniors, again it’s too important and you miss out on beautiful settings like this.  Sorry for the novel, but I loved this session and I hope that you love the sneak peeks!  Enjoy!

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Agustina’s Senior Portraits – Ocean City, MD senior portrait photographer

cortes blog 20

Meet Agustina!  I had the privilege of meeting this lovely young lady earlier this summer for her senior session.  We captured a few in the studio then headed to OC for portraits at the Inlet and with her board.  Once we got to the beach the winds had picked up and were blowing about 30-35mph that night.  So, we did a few pictures then called it a night when she literally got blown over trying to hold her surfboard for a shot.

We were finally able to finish her session and I am glad that we waited.  The tourists had cleared out for the season + it was 78 degrees that day we finished her session.  Her sister dropped her off at the inlet then went and picked up Agustina’s brand new custom board from K Coast in Ocean City.  Beautiful evening, beautiful board, and an absolutely stunning senior.  We love capturing portraits that are unique and speak loudly of what our seniors are about.  Enjoy these!  As you can see this girl was made for the water.cortes blog 1 cortes blog 2 cortes blog 3 cortes blog 4 cortes blog 5 cortes blog 6 cortes blog 7 cortes blog 8 cortes blog 9 cortes blog 10 cortes blog 11 cortes blog 12 cortes blog 13 cortes blog 14 cortes blog 15 cortes blog 16 cortes blog 17 cortes blog 18 cortes blog 19 cortes blog 21


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Chad’s Senior Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Chad!  He is a senior in the Class of 2016 at Bennett High School.  He plays soccer on the varsity team and is enjoying a great season so far.  He plans to go south for college once he graduates and hopes to continue playing soccer in college.  We started his portraits in the studio, then stopped at the Ward Museum, but had to end early because of the thunderstorm bearing down on us.  We took another day to head out to the Cove to finish up his session.  Chad, I wish you the best this year at Bennett and beyond.  Thanks for having me create your senior portraits!

rickard blog collage 1 rickard blog collage 2 rickard blog collage 3 rickard blog collage 4 rickard blog collage 5 rickard blog collage 6 rickard blog collage 7

rickard blog collage 8

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Kathryn’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks – Ocean City senior portrait photographer

Meet Kathryn!  She is one of my beautiful Senior Model Reps. for the Class of 2016 at Worcester Prep. School in Berlin, MD.  We got to spend the afternoon together recently doing her senior portrait session at a few places in Ocean City, MD.  She has been a blast to photograph and I was really looking forward to her session.  There is nothing like capturing a senior in their element, they are so relaxed and we are able to create some really great portraits.  Kathryn loves the beach and loves dance…I’m sure that dance is her first love and we captured a bit of that towards sunset on a beach in Ocean City with the inlet and rides in the background.  I am beyond excited to go to New York City with Kathryn and a few of our other Senior Model Reps. in October to photograph them in the big city.  I can’t wait for that, but for now enjoy these sneak peeks from her session here at home.

omalley blog sp 22

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Jackie’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks – Fenwick Island senior portrait photographer

Meet Jackie!  I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young lady a few weeks ago up in Fenwick for her senior portraits.  She is the BFF of Katie and their families vacation in Fenwick every summer.  We had a blast photographing around their summer homes, on the beach, and on the bay.  It was a fun evening photographing these girls together and each by themselves.  Thanks for making this session amazing.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great senior year!

kelly blog collage 1 kelly blog collage 2 kelly blog collage 3 kelly blog collage 4 kelly blog collage 5 kelly blog collage 6 kelly blog collage 7 kelly blog collage 8 kelly blog collage 9 kelly blog collage 10 kelly blog collage 11 kelly blog collage 12

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Katie’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks – Fenwick Island portrait photographer

Meet Katie!  I had the great privilege a few years back of capturing her older sister’s senior portraits in Fenwick and was so excited when I got a call from this family again this year for Katie’s portraits.  It was a beautiful night at the beach where we photographed for a while with her friend Jackie then we headed over to Jackie’s house on the bayside and finished with a killer sunset and some wonderful golden hour light.  Katie, thank you for thinking of me for your portraits.  It was so much fun getting to spend the afternoon with you and your family again.  I hope that you loved having your portraits created by me and that you will love the sneak peeks.

k pauley blog 1 k pauley blog 2 k pauley blog 3 k pauley blog 4 k pauley blog 5 k pauley blog 6 k pauley blog 7 k pauley blog 8 k pauley blog 9 k pauley blog 10

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