Tessa’s Senior Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Tessa!  She is a beautiful senior in the Class of 2016 at Salisbury Christian School.  I have had the pleasure of meeting her through Young Life and also getting to photograph her for prom this past year.  She is a ball of energy and simply a joy to be around.  We spent some time photographing out in Tyaskin and then in the studio.  It was an great night and time well spent with this amazing girl and lots of good chuckles.  Thanks Tessa for trusting me with your portraits.  I hope that you love the sneak peeks!

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Sidney’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Sidney!  One of the great joys of my life is getting to work with high school students through a ministry called Young Life.  I get to meet students from all walks of life and at different places in their journeys.  I met Sidney through Young Life club a few years back and was honored that she asked me to create her senior portraits.  This is a young girl with poise and strength and a beauty that is way more than skin deep. We had a beautiful afternoon for portraits and were able to shoot at a variety of locations.  We ended the evening at the Cove with another amazing sunset in the books.  Sidney, have a great senior year!  Enjoy every moment of it…it goes by way too quick.  Good luck on the soccer field and see you around in Club.  Thanks for having me create your portraits with you.

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Brooke’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Brooke!  I had been looking forward to this session for several weeks.  This girl is a ball of fun, energy, creativity, and such a joy to photograph.  I put a few special touches into her session: like the hand-painted backdrop we used for some of the guitar portraits in the studio, the wall hanging I ordered from India a few weeks ago so that it would arrive in time for her portraits, and having her incorporating some of the journals where she writes her own music.  We ended the evening on the beach at Assateague Island National Park with another spectacular sunset.  This session and hanging out with Brooke made my week.  Brooke, thanks for choosing me to create your portraits.  I enjoyed meeting you, getting to know you a bit, and capturing your joy and gorgeousness(is that even a word?).  I hope you love these sneak peeks, many more to see when you come in for your viewing appointment.  See you soon at Open Mic Night and of course Rock and Roll Revival.  Have a great senior year!

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Madelyn – Newborn Photography – Salisbury MD

We love our loyal clients! Jenn and Tim came to us for their engagement and wedding photography, and then in March returned for a maternity session. And now their precious baby girl has arrived!

0025-mhurst-CP-2014 AGP

Monday we got to meet the lovely Madelyn in the studio and were able to get some sweet shots of the family.

0010-mhurst-CP-2014 agp

DSC_6857AGPSafe in daddy’s arms


I later went over to their home for a more lifestyle session.






I just love the way the nursery is decorated! Jenn is very creative and made a lot the items herself!




DSC_6961-2 AGP

Thanks Jenn and Tim for giving me the opportunity to get these images of your little blessing. I look forward to seeing her grow!


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Valentine’s Day – Senior Session – Model Reps. Class of 2015

Sadie and Hannah came over to the studio the other day for their test shoots as part of being my senior model reps for the Class of 2015.  We did a mini Valentines Day session during their visit to the studio.  As you can see we had fun and there was lots of red.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Everyone remember that you are loved and that you are incredibly special.

Sadie and Hannah – thank you for doing this shoot with me and for representing my studio this year.  I am so excited to work with you and being able do some more fun sessions like this.




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Allison {sneak peeks} Senior Portraits, Salisbury MD senior portrait photographer

Take a beautiful and outgoing young lady and put her in the middle of a field of wildflowers and you get something magical.  I had the pleasure of meeting Allison the other day for her senior portraits.  Allison goes to Holly Grove and is in the Class of 2014.  She is a sweet young lady, talented actress, and natural beauty.  We spent the afternoon capturing images in my studio, then a local field filled with clover(what a beautiful aroma), then we headed to Belin, MD for some around an abandoned building.  We captured some cool portraits.

Allison-Thanks for having me capture these.  It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you a bit while we did this portraits.  I hope you have a great senior year.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.


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Colleen {sneak peeks} Senior Portraits, Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Ah….the earthy smell of the stables, open fields filled with clover, a cool later summer breeze blowing in through the trees.  This was our session the other night for Colleen’s senior portraits out at Kindred Spirits Farm.  I have been out to the farm several times to photograph seniors with their horses.  The first was Ellie a few years ago who now is giving my 6 year old son horse riding lessons…which he loves.  It was such fun to get out there again to photograph Colleen.  I stopped by the animal pen to say hi to Hannah Montana(the goat), Wilbur(the pig), and the peacocks(un-named) which are new this summer.  Then we set up a few shots around the barn, near the hay bales, and with Suzy the beautiful horse in these photos with Colleen.  What a fun session and such a beautiful young lady.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.

Colleen-Enjoy your senior year.  I wish you the best.  Thanks for having me capture these images of this important time in your life.


A few in the studio before we headed out to the farm.
In the field in the beautiful blue dress.
One in the stable with Suzy and one by the hay the light coming from behind her shoulder.
Two more in the barn.


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Abby and Lindsey {sneak peeks} senior portrait photographer, Salisbury, MD

I had the pleasure of seeing Abby and Lindsey at my studio the other day for their senior portraits.  Their outdoor session got rained out so we just did a few in the studio.  We will be heading outside again in August to finish up their portraits.  I’m excited to get to see them and photograph them again.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.

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Sadie’s Portraits – Salisbury, MD portrait photographer

I got a call the other day from a mom interested in setting up a portrait session for her daughter.  I normally get calls from moms about senior portraits, so I was a little surprised when she said that her daughter was only a junior and interested in getting portraits taken.  Cool!  It’s fun to get to do something different once in a while so we scheduled a session.  I got to meet Sadie last week for her portraits.  We met up at my studio for some there and then we met again this week to finish up her portfolio of images by heading downtown.

It was a blast hanging out with her to capture these.


Thanks for coming to me to have these portraits created.  You are a natural beauty and I wish you the best with your dreams and your future endeavors.  I hope you will go far and see your dreams turn into reality.  Come see me again when you are a big senior.



Loving the cute short shorts.
Love this dress and the lines.



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Caden-6 month-{sneak peeks} Salisbury, MD child/baby photographer

Everyone with kids has told me that you blink and before you know it they are in school and then headed off to college, getting married, and starting families of their own.  I know, I know, I am getting way ahead of myself here, but the time flying part is so true.  I am a dad to two beautiful boys who, it seems like yesterday, I was holding in my arms at the hospital after their birth.

I’m sure that Chris and Terrin are feeling some of the flying by part now that Caden is 6 months old.  He is growing so fast, and I have loved capturing his milestones in my studio for his parents and family.  It seems like yesterday I was photographing his newborn portraits.  He has a smile and giggle now that is to die for and you can begin to see his personality emerging behind those beautiful blue eyes.  He stopped in the studio for his 6 month portraits as part of my 1st year baby session.  Here are a few images that we captured while he was here.  Enjoy!


Caden with mom and dad.
Chillin' at the "beach"

Crabs! nom nom.
When we did the first portrait of him in this chair when he was 2 weeks old his head didn't even reach the top of the chair...big boy now!



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