Beach Americana – Senior Team 2019

I met up with my Senior Team at Assateague National Park for this shoot to celebrate Independence day.  Beautiful day, the beach, fun, and friends, what else you could ask for.  I am thankful for the freedoms that we have and for the simple pleasure of being with people and getting to capture moments and experiences with others.  Enjoy your July 4th holiday.  



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Red, White, and Blue…

It’s always a blast when our Senior Team gets together for a shoot.  A few of the girls got together on July 3rd for our Americana shoot and man was it fun.  We went to the old mall parking lot in town and pulled out the American flags and sparklers.


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Kara – 2018

I love working with my Senior Team during the year and this girl is one of the jewels of our team.  We spent the evening out at one of my favorite spots on the shore, Bordeleau Winery, capturing her portraits.  I also love when our seniors incorporate things into their portraits that have special meaning to them.  Kara’s Grandfather has a 1926 Chevrolet truck that he and his father restored.  Many hours, lots of handmade craftsmanship, and tons of love were poured into restoring this amazing truck.  It became a great backdrop for Kara’s portraits on the grass near the vineyard.  We wandered around the vineyard and property capturing lots of different looks and outfits.  It was a beautiful evening and she rocked her portraits.   

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I recently read that Maryland has made another top 10 list.  This list isn’t one to brag about.  Our lovely state apparently is ranked number 4 in the top ten list of most depressed states in America.  The list is based on tweets and you can find the original study here(CNN Twitter Based Study).  I have a problem with this study because I believe it doesn’t adequately represent those of us who live on the Easter Shore.  We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country; pristine golden sandy beaches lie to the East and life is definitely not as fast-paced or hectic as it is across the bay bridge.  If you love the outdoors I feel it is almost impossible to live in  such a beautiful part of the country and be sad about that.  Granted, geography probably does not have much to do with how we feel, but a long relaxing day at the beach, surrounded by good friends is hard to beat and does wonders for your countenance and soul.  There is something about the salty air, the thunderous roar of the waves, the gentle breezes, and the feel of warm sand between your toes that can take the grump out of almost anyone.  

This is where I get to call home and where I get to spend many of my working and leisurely nights during the year.  The only thing better than the beautiful scenery is being able to photograph two equally beautiful young ladies in the midst of that scenery.  The other night we found ourselves in the marshes of the Isle of Wright.  No bugs, no tourists, not even another local to distract us.  It was delightful.  We also took some time to photograph around a wooden bridge near a popular golf course in Ocean City, again we were the only ones seemingly out that night.  I wasn’t quite sure the feel or the look I wanted from these images, but it became evident early in our shoot…..PEACE.  There is a serenity to these images and it marked our time together.  It was relaxed, quite enjoyable, and filled with good conversation.  I am so thankful that I get to do this and that I get to spend time with these amazing girls that are part of my Senior Team.  So, if you are a bit frazzled or hectic today, take a moment and scroll through these images.  In a minute to two you will begin to feel something wonderful….quite, peaceful, and Eastern Shoreish; just a taste of what we experience just about everyday here in this little slice of heaven on earth.  Enjoy!      


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Walk in the woods

When I first moved to Salisbury from Northeast PA(near where The Office was filmed), I wasn’t immediately won over by the flatness and the lack of variety of the terrain.  I had grown up among the Appalachian mountains and near the rushing waters of the Delaware River.   Little did I know, and would soon discover, that the Eastern Shore is one of the most beautiful places on this earth.  It may not have much to offer in terms of elevation, but the scenery is to die for.  From the salty sea air and powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean, miles and miles of pristine beaches, little streams, marshland, and dense forests it is a photographers dream.  Since moving here I have fallen in love with the beach and count this area my home.  Not much beats a kayaking trip through the streams and lush marsh lands or an evening bonfire on the beach surrounded by good friends and good food.  This is the place I get to call home and where I get to work.  Everyday that I photograph a client is often an adventure into a breathtaking spot that you would be hard-pressed to discover anywhere else.  

As a photographer of high school seniors one thing that makes me unique is my Senior Team.  Every year I have the privilege of working with an exclusive group of beautiful young ladies.  We spend the entire year playing together and photographing in many of these locations I have been talking about.  We often meet for special shoots to showcase a theme or take an idea that the girls have and bring it to reality in coordinating and photographing them.  My aim is to not only capture amazing portraits for my clients but to tell their story.  Over the years I have shared many images knowing that those images would tell their own story.  And I believe they have.  Yet I have also wanted to deepen that experience for my clients this year, not only in the images but in the story telling of their sessions.  This blog post is a starting point for me in that regard.  This first post may be a little rough around the edges, but I want to convey what it’s like to work with me and, in a sense, have you come along with us on the shoot.

Recently, Hallie, Emily and I trecked into the Pocomoke Forest on an unusually warm spring day.  You know, one of those perfect days where it hasn’t been warm enough for the bugs to become active, yet warm enough to feel the sun on your skin and a cool breeze through your hair. As we wandered through the woods Hallie and Emily chatted about prom, life, and friendship.  They giggled at inside jokes, at me tripping over some fallen branches, and the sheer enjoyment of them being together and creating a memory that would deepen and add another facet to their friendship.  

The tall majestic oaks, the gently unfolding branches of the maples, straight as an arrow pines, and the spindly reaches of speckled dogwood trees became our backdrop for the afternoon.  The springtime sun hung low in the sky creating that perfect backlight and giving the images we created a wondrous glow.  This part of the forest is unique because it not only contains dense groupings of trees but areas where natural reeds and tall grass abound.  I do not know what the grasses are called but they are pure honey amber color, waist to shoulder height and sway gently in the breeze of the afternoon.  

I brought along my old Nikon F4 loaded with the last roll of TMAX that I could find in the studio.  I am planning on ordering some more and doing more personal work with film(but that is another story and another blog).  We stopped on the graveled road and I handed the F4 over to the girls and they enjoyed an impromptu photo session as they used us the last few frames on the roll of film.  As you can see they had some fun and Emily looked right at home with that camera in her hands.  They commented on the cool camera strap, which is older than both of them put together.  It felt great knowing that I have something vintage that resonates with them, after all I am somewhat vintage as well.  

I am not a fashion expert by any means, usually just a jeans and t-shirt guy(or whatever my wife dresses me in), but I loved the jean jacket and simple outfit Hallie wore.  Anytime your outfit moves people to see your face and your real beauty I think that is a winner.  Emily got her overall skit at American Eagle and I must say, it was absolutely adorable…another win.  They both wore some great accessories to round out their outfits(bracelets, leather choker, rings, and the shoes…never forget the shoes).  

Emily and Hallie…thank you for joining me on such a beautiful day.  Thank you for trekking through the woods and the briars for these portraits.  I am beyond excited to work with you this year.  You inspire me as all of the Senior Team has been doing this year and I look forward to more amazing experiences with you and of course capturing more images.  I hope that you loved this session as much as I did, you both rock!!!    

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Mackenzie’s Portraits

As another Thanksgiving has come I am so thankful for the amazing senior portrait clients that I have had this year.  One of those seniors I am thankful for is Mackenzie.  We had scheduled her portraits for a few weeks ago, you know when hurricane Matthew came into town.  We captured some portraits in the studio and then rescheduled her outdoor session.  We had an amazing fall day with beautiful light.  

She was such a joy to photograph and is a true beauty, especially her eyes…they draw you right in and I am sure from these portrait peeks that you will see why.  We captured a few of her at the track where she pole vaults for the Parkside Track and Field Team and a few on the soccer field before we headed downtown and then to Pemberton Park.  

Thanks Mackenzie for trusting me to capture these.  I hope you have recovered from the turkey and gravy induced coma from yesterday and that you had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!



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Hyunji’s Senior Portrait – sneak peeks, Ocean City senior portrait photographer

Meet Hyunji!  She is a senior in the Class of 2016 at Bennett High School.  She loves the beach and plays a mean french flute.  I had the honor of capturing her senior portraits recently.  We started in the studio, then headed to a small wooded park in Berlin, MD, then headed to the OC inlet.  What a great evening photographing this lovely senior.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great senior year Hyunji!

hyunji blog 1 hyunji blog 2 hyunji blog 3 hyunji blog 4 hyunji blog 5 hyunji blog 6 hyunji blog 7 hyunji blog 8 hyunji blog 9 hyunji blog 10 hyunji blog 11 hyunji blog 12 hyunji blog 14 hyunji blog 15 hyunji blog 16

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Senior Models – Sunflower Session – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

There is nothing like the heat of summer, whew!  Along with it comes some beautiful things, like no snow to name one.  But, it also means SUNFLOWERS and nice weather for a fun session.  Amanda and I met up with a few of my senior models last night at a local sunflower field to capture just a few portraits of these lovely girls.  We had a fun little shoot and then all hung out for ice cream.  Such a fun night and such amazingly beautiful and wonderful young ladies.  Enjoy the portraits!

sunflower smr blog collage 12 sunflower smr blog collage 11

sunflower smr blog collage 10 sunflower smr blog collage 9 sunflower smr blog collage 8 sunflower smr blog collage 7 sunflower smr blog collage 6 sunflower smr blog collage 5 sunflower smr blog collage 4 sunflower smr blog collage 3 sunflower smr blog collage 2 sunflower smr blog collage 1

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Logan + Jess – Fall Engagement – Salisbury, MD

Sunday was a perfect fall day, and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than with Logan and Jess for their engagement session. These two are dreamy cuteness all over! And such naturals in front of the camera, we hardly had to tell them what to do! Absolutely so looking forward to their 2015 wedding!

Take a look at these lovely sneak peeks; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.   -Amanda + James














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Kasey’s sneak peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer


Meet Kasey!  I had the pleasure of creating her senior portraits last week and I wanted to share a couple sneak peeks of her fun and amazing session.  We met up at my studio then headed downtown to the plaza.  After taking a few images there we headed out to Cedar Hill Marina and then finished up at the Point.


I came to find out during her session that she had decided over a year ago that I would be the one to create her portraits.  I am so floored and honored that she knew and had been following my work for a long time.  She made a great decision, in my opinion, and I got the pleasure of getting to know her and to photograph such an amazing young lady.  I wish her the best as she finishes her senior year at JMB and goes on to bigger and better things.













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