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SMT 2019 Part 2 – Julianna & Alyssa

Spent some time in the studio recently with these two Bennett Seniors.  We has a blast hanging out in the studio and capturing their first portrait session as part of the Senior Team for my studio this year.  I am looking forward to more amazing shoots and experiences with them this year.  Enjoy!


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Kara – 2018

I love working with my Senior Team during the year and this girl is one of the jewels of our team.  We spent the evening out at one of my favorite spots on the shore, Bordeleau Winery, capturing her portraits.  I also love when our seniors incorporate things into their portraits that have special meaning to them.  Kara’s Grandfather has a 1926 Chevrolet truck that he and his father restored.  Many hours, lots of handmade craftsmanship, and tons of love were poured into restoring this amazing truck.  It became a great backdrop for Kara’s portraits on the grass near the vineyard.  We wandered around the vineyard and property capturing lots of different looks and outfits.  It was a beautiful evening and she rocked her portraits.   

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Prom Session – Dryden Dress Co.

We’ve had a good streak of warmer weather lately and it seems as though spring may have arrived early.  I met up with  some of my 2018 Senior Team to do a shoot with Dryden Dress Co. featuring some prom gowns.  We spent some time downtown and had a blast capturing this session with these girls.  

If you haven’t gotten your prom dress yet, head on down to Dryden Dress Co. in Salisbury, Sarah and Julie will take great care of you and help you find your perfect dress.  Happy Prom and enjoy the previews.

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As the weather has taken a turn for the NICER I have been getting some sessions in with my senior model team from the Class of 2017.  Kayla and I met up downtown recently to capture a series in the stairwell of the parking garage.  Not a typical place for portraits, but I have been wanting to mix it up a little bit and try something new.  Enjoy!

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Mackenzie’s Portraits

As another Thanksgiving has come I am so thankful for the amazing senior portrait clients that I have had this year.  One of those seniors I am thankful for is Mackenzie.  We had scheduled her portraits for a few weeks ago, you know when hurricane Matthew came into town.  We captured some portraits in the studio and then rescheduled her outdoor session.  We had an amazing fall day with beautiful light.  

She was such a joy to photograph and is a true beauty, especially her eyes…they draw you right in and I am sure from these portrait peeks that you will see why.  We captured a few of her at the track where she pole vaults for the Parkside Track and Field Team and a few on the soccer field before we headed downtown and then to Pemberton Park.  

Thanks Mackenzie for trusting me to capture these.  I hope you have recovered from the turkey and gravy induced coma from yesterday and that you had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!



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Hailey’s Senior Portraits

This senior is such a multi-faceted person.  First, this girl can sing, sing, sing.  I can’t wait to hear her perform again in Rock and Roll Revival this winter.  Second, she is beautiful, not just outwardly, but she has got a deep inward beauty which makes all the difference.  Lastly, but certainly not an exhaustive list of who she is, she is sweet.  Remembering to include a too-soon departed high school friend in your senior portraits tells me that she thinks of others before herself.  That is a quality lacking in many these days and it was refreshing to see in her during her session.

In a simple way portraits tell a story about the one being photographed.  I love to tell stories about my seniors through what we capture during a session.  The sneak peeks I have included on the blog today hopefully tell a story of all the qualities I mentioned above.  I hope that you can see what I saw when we captured these, beauty.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Courtney + Shannon’s Wedding- Cambridge, MD Wedding Photographer

I love photographing weddings where we have worked with the family before.  For us it was Colby’s wedding a few years back.  Colby just happens to be the sister of Courtney, the bride.  Stay with me, the C names can throw you off.  I think it says a ton about how much trust we build with clients when they ask us to come back to capture another of their daughter’s weddings.  By the way, it is truly an honor to have been be part of two beautiful Foxwell weddings.

Courtney and Shannon were married at their friends beautiful property on the water in Cambridge, MD.  This wedding caught us by surprise when Shannon, during the ceremony, asked Liza(Courtney’s 7 year old daughter) if he could be her step-dad.  It was like a whole other proposal in the midst of a beautiful wedding ceremony.  I am a sensitive person anyway and I simply lost it during that exchange.  I’m glad, at times, that I can hide myself behind my camera.  It was incredibly sweet and was one of the most humble things that I have ever seen a groom do.  Way to go Shannon!!  Oh…by the way, Liza said yes and off they all went to party the night away.  These are just a few of the images that Amanda and I captured during their beautiful day.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and we cannot wait to show you the whole story of your day at your preview party.

Thank you for trusting us with your story and your day.  You and your families have been awesome and we count you as dear friends.  Sincerely – James and Amanda

Courtney’s beautiful flowers and her stunning dress waiting for her to finish with her makeup.
Shannon getting ready and Courtney being helped into her dress by her sister Colby and Krista, one of her bride’s maids.
This was one of the sweetest ring bearers we have had the pleasure of meeting….look at those eyes, wow!
Courtney’s daughter, Liza as her junior brides maid. Courtney’s dad’s navigating the walk to the altar, and the cute flower girl showing proper flower tossing technique…through the handle of the basket.
Amanda captured Shannon catching his first glimpse of his beautiful bride as she was escorted by her dads at the start of the ceremony. I love this sequence and the range of emotions.
Liza…will you allow me to be your step-dad? YESSSSSS!  Now where did I put that tissue?


Yeah! we are married…let’s celebrate!
A couple of shots of the bride and groom. Courtney was absolutely stunning in her gown. Shannon…you’re not so bad yourself!
Hanging out with the girls.
Courtney and Shannon by the water after the ceremony.
Like I said before…stunning. Amanda captured the image on the left using a little whisp of Courtney’s veil….love it!
Good looking and fun bridal party!
First dances…yes, there is a tear rolling down Courtney’s cheek.




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Open Mic Night – James Seip Photography 2014

There are some nights during my year that are difficult to put into words.  When I started in this business I wanted to have a creative way to say “Thank You” to my wonderful clients, something that was different and something that would combine what they loved with me and my photography.  Open Mic Night was born out of that desire and my love of music.  Over the years I have had the great privilege of photographing and getting to know so many musically talented people.  Open Mic Night allows those two worlds to collide in a beautiful and ethereal evening of wonderful music, delicious coffee, and rich friendship.

This year’s event did not disappoint.  We outgrew our venue last year, so we moved our Open Mic to Viva’s second, much larger shop.  This was a good switch seeing that people were pouring out the doors as even more clients performed and invited their friends and family to enjoy the evening.

Thanks to all who shared their musical gifts and talents.  I was blown away again by the caliber of the performers and the range of music that came from the stage.  Thanks as well to everyone who came out to support the performers and enjoy a wonderful evening.  I look forward to planning next year’s Open Mic Night and having my clients take the stage yet again for an amazing evening of music and friendship.

Amanda had the presence of mind to capture the event so that we could share it on the blog and facebook.  So here are a few images from the evening.  Till next year!!!!

View from the outside during Kathryn's performance of a Celine Dion song.
View from the outside during Kathryn’s performance of a Celine Dion song.
Brittany and Brandon rockin’ it out.
Rachel doing her thing!
A few of our younger performers: Dorey played a few pieces on classical guitar, Jessie on the flute, and Alex on the violin. Amazing talent for these young kids. Along with Kasey caught by surprise enjoying the show.
Ashlyn – one of our amazing barista’s for the night.
Emily and Kevin. I swear that Colbie Caillat showed up and sang at Open Mic.
Some details from the evening.
Kathryn belting out some Celine Dion….amazing voice Kathryn. Kelsey and Anna singing their hearts out. Again, another amazing duo.
Some of the crowd hanging out enjoying the music. Thanks for coming!


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Madelyn – Newborn Photography – Salisbury MD

We love our loyal clients! Jenn and Tim came to us for their engagement and wedding photography, and then in March returned for a maternity session. And now their precious baby girl has arrived!

0025-mhurst-CP-2014 AGP

Monday we got to meet the lovely Madelyn in the studio and were able to get some sweet shots of the family.

0010-mhurst-CP-2014 agp

DSC_6857AGPSafe in daddy’s arms


I later went over to their home for a more lifestyle session.






I just love the way the nursery is decorated! Jenn is very creative and made a lot the items herself!




DSC_6961-2 AGP

Thanks Jenn and Tim for giving me the opportunity to get these images of your little blessing. I look forward to seeing her grow!


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Jenna + Tony – Engagement Portraits

I had the pleasure of spending time with this adorable couple the other night on the family farm for their engagement session.  From the rustic barn, gorgeous light, and the little furry critter, we had a great session.  Amanda and I are so excited to capture your wedding this summer, but for now enjoy the sneak peeks!











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