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Over the years I have had seniors that I have photographed that have had “special” moments with celebrities.  I think of Hannah getting to shake hands with Taylor Swift, Sydney getting to hang with George Cloney, and now Alison, who apparently had a moment with the Biebs at a recent concert that her mom took her to.  As he was on stage he locked eyes with her and then tossed her his water bottle.  Unfortunately the moment didn’t last long.  As the bottle was soaring towards her outstretched arms some other crazed and confused fan intercepted it from its intended recipient(Alison).  As he grabbed the bottle the contents spilled all over Alison, ruining her makeup.  So in honor of that “moment” we had Justin Bieber blasting on the studio speakers, backgrounds and lights set up and ready for a fun fierce shoot with her!  She arrived at the studio ready for a session in which we wanted to capture some black and white images that showed her beauty AND her power and ferocity as a young woman.  She wore a simple outfit with black jeans, a loose spaghetti strapped white shirt with a cool cut out geometric design on the front, paired with a leather jacket and open black high heels, a lace choker, and pearl earrings.  She is tall, beautiful, and has an incredibly strong look to her.  

We laughed, we played, and we captured.  I am so excited that she is on our Senior Team this year and that she will get to create memories with her other friends on the team.  This was our first shoot together and it won’t be our last.  So, as you look forward to the weekend enjoy a few of these sneak peeks from Alison’s fierce shoot.

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Parking Garage Senior Session

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I think we finally have an idea of what it must be like to live in Seattle.  Rain, rain, rain for the past few weeks.  I had forgotten what sunshine looked liked.  Needless to say, many of my sessions over the past few weeks have been rescheduled.  I was set to do a session at the beach last night, but it was….wait for it……raining!  So I met up with two of my senior model reps. for a quick session downtown under the cover of a parking garage.  I had in mind to do a moody black and white session to convey just how much I have disliked the rain lately.  I think we nailed it.  I had so much working with these two beautiful girls last night and I am so thankful that they spent time hanging out with me to do this shoot last minute.  Enjoy the portraits and I think I FINALLY see the sun.

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Portraits in the snow – Pemberton Park Salisbury, MD portrait photographer

We don’t get much of the white stuff here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but when we do you’ve got to take advantage of it.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out into the snow to photograph one of our beautiful high school clients, Sadie.  Pemberton Park was empty and pristine.  The air crisp and the setting was beautiful with the couple of inches of snow covering everything.  Massive icicles graced the eaves of the old barn, in short it was perfect.

Thanks Sadie for enduring the cold and for meeting me at the park to capture some unique portraits.  I had fun taking these in the snow and I am loving the black and white images from this session.



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