YOU are my WHY!

I love hanging out with my high school clients. You are full of such a love for life and boundless energy that it truly inspires me. You want something amazing, but you don't want what everyone else has, you want something truly different. Every senior client I meet has their own unique story that is worth being told through great portraits. I love being able to get to know you and then the challenge of delivering something unique that shows your beauty and personality. Some of my core values are below, this is what lights my fire and is an evolving collection of statements that define me and my work.

My own senior portrait experience!

When I was in high school we didn't have many options as far as unique, quality, lifestyle portrait photographers. We went to the assigned studio for our formal headshots for the yearbook. There wasn't any other choice. I went to the portrait studio in town that I was scheduled for and had no more than a 15 minute session with a photographer who didn't even know my name. He took about 12 photos and then they shipped me 8 4X5 prints in a cardboard display folder. No touch ups, no special treatment, just what everyone else got. It was a horrible experience. There was way more to me in high school than what my portraits show. I was involved in lots of clubs, did well in school, had a great family and friends. My senior portraits show none of that. That is why I pour all of my energy, creativity, and passion into helping my senior clients have an unforgettable experience. We work together to create amazing portraits that you will be proud to show off. I spend lots of time with my senior clients, listening to them, and helping them through this incredible process of capturing them in stunning portraits. I never want my clients to have the same boring, predictable, and commodified experience that I had. I want your portraits to be exceptional and to show your beauty and personality.