Meet Our 2019 Senior Team

Caroline - WiHi

  • Favorite candy: Cookie dough bites
  • 3 things she can’t live without: Chic-fil-A, puppies, and the beach
  • Favorite place on earth: the beach
  • Hobbies:  Swimming, student government, NHS
  • Dream job: Trauma Nurse
  • Random fact: I learn life lessons by watching Lifetime movies

Jullianna - JMB

  • Favorite snack: Sour Patch Kids
  • Biggest accomplishment: committing to Washington College to play field hockey
  • 3 things she can’t live without: my cats, my phone, my car
  • Favorite drink: Chai anything
  • Favorite sport: Field hockey

Alyssa - JMB

  • Favorite drink: water, coffee, Dr. Pepper
  • 3 things she can’t live without: my grandparents, my friends, Netflix
  • Favorite snack: gummy worms

Ottilie - PHS

  • Passion: dance, dance, dance
  • Favorite place on Earth: the beach
  • Favorite music: anything country
  • Person she most wants to meet: Blake Lively
  • Unusual talent: flexibility

Camryn - PHS

  • Favorite sport: soccer

Becky - WiHi

  • Favorite bands: anything acoustic
  • Favorite snack/candy: Reece’s
  • 3 things she can’t live without: Panera, Birkenstocks, Ellie Beck
  • Hobbies: dance