Kasey’s Softball Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

I got to hang out with Kasey and her mom the other night at the Bennett High School softball field to capture a part of this girls life that she loves, softball.  Kasey is a pitcher for the Clippers softball team and rarely sits the bench.  I’ve seen her pitch and she is a natural, so much so that she will be playing softball in college next year.

Last fall I captured her senior portraits, but didn’t have a chance to do these softball portraits until last week(you can see the sneak peeks from her fall session here).  I love doing these kinds of portraits, ones that aren’t your typical senior session.  They always challenge my creativity and tell a bigger story than just normal posed senior portraits.

Enjoy the sneak peeks from this session!

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Regan’s Senior Portrait {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Regan!  She is one of our senior models for the Class of 2016.  She goes to Bennett High School here in Salisbury.  I had the pleasure of photographing her the other night around Salisbury and then out at Roaring Point Park.  The files were ferocious the night we did her portraits, but we managed to get some great portraits while we were out there.  These are just a few sneak peeks from our session together.  Enjoy!

If you are a junior and beginning to look around at who will create your senior portraits make sure you talk to Regan, she will tell you all about her experience with our studio and the amazing images we provide for our clients.  We are currently booking sessions for the summer and early fall.  Don’t wait as our session openings fill up quickly.  Contact me at the studio for more information and to book your session.

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Allie’s Senior Portrait – {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Allie!  She is one of our Senior Models for the Class of 2016.  She is also one of the sweetest girls that we have had a chance to work with;  an incredible dancer, wise beyond her years, and is so much fun to photograph.  She wanted to head to the beach for her portraits and also try and get a few with a railroad feel to them.  I love the RayBan sassy look and the artful beauty of her in the white dress on the beach.

Public Service Announcement: By the way, if you didn’t know, it is illegal to photograph on active tracks(it is trespassing) and also very dangerous – we don’t put our clients at risk in that way.

We headed out to a little sleepy town in Worcester Co. population ~200 where they have a restored railroad station and tracks that are no longer in use.

After the train station we headed down to Assateague National Park for her beach portraits.  I absolutely love the one of her sitting on the steps of the kayak shack.   We are currently booking portraits for the summer and early fall.  We have limited availability so contact us as at the studio to set up your unforgettable senior session.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Julia’s Senior Portrait Sneak Peeks – Ocean City senior portrait photographer

Meet Julia!  She is a junior attending Worcester Prep. School in Berlin, MD, a true fashionista at heart, gorgeous and super sweet.  This amazing young lady is one of my senior models for the Class of 2016.  I have had the pleasure of photographing her a few times now this year and Sunday was her big senior portrait session.  She loves Ocean City, but wanted to do something a little different than portraits on the beach.  Her uniqueness and kind-heartedness inspires me and I loved everything that we captured for her senior session.  I am excited to share just a few of her sneak peeks with you.  The locations were amazing and Julia was a natural in front of the camera.  Enjoy the portraits!!

julia diantonio blog collage 5

julia diantonio blog collage 3 julia diantonio blog collage 4

julia diantonio blog collage 6

julia diantonio blog collage 7 julia diantonio blog collage 8

julia diantonio blog collage 20 julia diantonio blog collage 10 julia diantonio blog collage 11 julia diantonio blog collage 12 julia diantonio blog collage 13

julia diantonio blog collage 14 julia diantonio blog collage 15 julia diantonio blog collage 16 julia diantonio blog collage 18 julia diantonio blog collage 19

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Brianna’s Senior Portrait Sneak Peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Brianna!  She is one of our Class of 2016 Senior Models for the studio this year.  We were excited to start her senior portraits last week with a beautiful day at the Cove and a few other places along the way.  These images are from her senior portrait session:  we started in the studio, then stopped downtown, then headed out to a gorgeous night at the Cove.  She is a natural beauty and such a joy to be with.  Enjoy these sneak peeks!

Can’t wait to show her all that we captured from her session.  We are currently booking senior portrait sessions for the summer and into the fall.  If you want a particular date please contact me at the studio as my schedule fills up quickly.

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Prom Session – Senior Model Reps. – senior portrait photographer

I have the incredible privilege of working with several high school girls this year as Model Reps. for my studio.  They are all in the Class of 2016 and attend different high schools in the area.  As part of our year together we do various themed sessions and have fun shooting different styles in beautiful places.  We teamed up with Dryden Dress Co. in downtown Salisbury for a Prom themed session.  Sarah, at Drydens, supplied us with these beautiful gowns for our models and we headed out to an amazing property on the Wicomico river for this session.  What we were able to capture was nothing short of beautiful!  Thank you girls for coming out and taking part in this session.  Enjoy the portraits!









Cassidy in front of one of our custom hand painted muslin backdrops.















We will do just about anything for our clients….well Rachel did, carrying Cassidy across the muddy path, what sacrifice.












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JMB Prom 2015 – Senior Portrait Photographer

I had the privilege of joining a few couples before Bennett’s prom for some portraits at a waterfront property in Salisbury, before they headed off to dinner.  Sadie’s mom arranged for me to come and take some portraits of her daughter, who has been a senior model rep for my studio this past year.  While I was there I had the opportunity to capture the portraits of many other students that I know.  Such fun doing this and what a beautiful house to use as a backdrop for these images.  Here are a few sneak peeks, these and the rest of the images will be online this week on our custom mobile app.  Enjoy!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic night at prom.

jmb prom blog collage 2015 1 jmb prom blog collage 2015 2

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Class of 2016 Senior Models – Senior Portrait Photographer

Every year I get to work with some AMAZING high school juniors as they take part in my model program for the year.  This group of girls is our biggest group yet and they have been wonderful to photograph and work with this year.  From our first outing in the snow back in February to their model sessions in the studio last month, it is shaping up to be a fabulous start to the year.

I have been introducing them to you on Istagram and now it’s their official introduction on the Blog and on FB.  These portraits were taken in the studio and are just the beginning of a great year and of many exciting sessions to come for these girls and for our studio.  Enjoy meeting the Class of 2016 Senior Model’s for James Seip Seniors.  We are now booking senior portrait sessions and have a limited number of dates available and we only photograph one senior client a day.  Speak to one our model reps and ask them about their experience with our studio.  It is Amazing just like them.

senior model session blog 2016-8

Our first senior model session of the year. With Jessie, Leah, Rachel, Cassidy, Regan, and Nicole.

Regan: JMB Class of 2016

Favorite Candy:  Dark Chocolate

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Interior designer

senior model session blog 2016-1 senior model session blog 2016-3

Nicole: JMB Class of 2016

Dream Job:  Something in sports, physical therapist, sports broadcaster, personal trainer, sports medicine

Unusual Talent:  Being terrible at cooking

senior model session blog 2016-4

Leah: JMB Class of 2016

Biggest Accomplishment:  Maintaining honor roll in school, getting 3rd place at DI Global Finals in Tennessee

Favorite Place on Earth:  New York City and Disney World

3 things you can’t live without:  coffee, comfortable clothing, family

senior model session blog 2016-5

Rachel: JMB Class of 2016

Last good book you read:  Harry potter

Favorite Musical Group/band(s):  Zac Brown Band

Person you most want to meet:  Julianne hough

senior model session blog 2016-6 senior model session blog 2016-7

Jessie: PHS Class of 2016

Hobbies:  Shopping, going to the beach, reading

Favorite fictional character:  Jean Louise Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)

senior model session blog 2016-9

senior model session blog 2016-2

Cassidy: JMB Class of 2016

Favorite Candy:  Skittles

Favorite Drink:  Lemon Water

Unusual Talent:  I can make amazing breakfast

senior model session blog 2016-10 senior model session blog 2016-11

Allie: JMB Class of 2016

Favorite Website:  any shopping website

Dream Job:  being a professional dancer

Favorite Place on Earth:  The beach

senior model session blog 2016-12 senior model session blog 2016-13

Ally: JMB Class of 2016

Hobbies:  field hockey, rock and roll revival

Last good book you read:  The Fault in Our  Stars

Favorite Dessert:  smith island cake

senior model session blog 2016-14 senior model session blog 2016-15

Kathryn: WPS Class of 2016

3 things you can’t live without:  Friends, family, and dance

Random Fact:  I’m shy

Friend’s Description of you:  Crazy

senior model session blog 2016-16

senior model session blog 2016-3

Julia: WPS Class of 2016

Hobbies:  painting, reading, photography, soccer

Favorite fictional character:  Craig from the book “It’s kind of a funny story”

Last good book you read:  Catcher in the Rye

senior model session blog 2016-17 senior model session blog 2016-18

McKenna: JMB Class of 2016

Favorite Place on Earth:  The Bahamas

3 things you can’t live without:  iPhone, my jeep, my family

Something always in your purse:  Eos Chapstick

senior model session blog 2016-19

senior model session blog 2016-4

Taylor: JMB Class of 2016

Goals after high school:  To go south, and go to a college I love

Hobbies:  volleyball

Favorite fictional character:  Katniss

senior model session blog 2016-20 senior model session blog 2016-21

Danielle: PHS Class of 2016

Biggest Accomplishment:  going to regionals this year in track for my best time in hurdles

Unusual Talent:  can crack every bone

Favorite Place on Earth:  the beach

senior model session blog 2016-22 senior model session blog 2016-23

Darian: MHS Class of2016

Favorite thing in your closet:  Leggings

Something you wish you were better at:  Singing

3 things you can’t live without:  my brother, chipotle, summer

senior model session blog 2016-4 senior model session blog 2016-5


Hannah: SCS Class of 2016

Favorite Place on Earth:  The South

Favorite Musical Group/band(s):  Anything and everything country and some rap and hip hop

Person you most want to meet:  George Strait or Jason Aldean

Favorite thing in your closet:  My prom dress

senior model session blog 2016-2 senior model session blog 2016-3


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Senior Books – senior portrait photographer, Salisbury MD

We live in a digital age and most high school seniors have tons of photos on their phones and handheld devices.  Unfortunately, many of those photos don’t make it past the digital realm into something tangible that can be held and appreciated, they often stay on tiny screens.  We believe that photographs and especially senior portraits carry enormous weight and can remind us of a unique and special time in our lives.  When you hold a professional portrait in your hands or hang one on your wall you are freezing a moment in time and reliving that moment every time you enjoy that tangible portrait.

Our senior books are one such item that we carry in our studio for our portrait clients.  The books are a great place to show about 40 images from their senior portrait session in a format that they can enjoy for years to come.  Each of our books is custom designed by our studio and then printed by one of the best labs in the photography industry, WHCC.  The books come in two sizes 5X7 and 8X12.  They have customized photo hard covers.  The pages inside lay flat when opened, so that the page is one continuous image with a small gap in the middle.  With our 8X12 books the impact of seeing a beautiful image that large is often breathtaking.  Most of our seniors order a book as part of their senior order and we take great pride in creating these one of a kind works of art.  We recently finished laying out and printing Teagan’s book from her portrait session this past summer and I must say this book is killer.  She is a true beauty and the book shows that, but it will remain a keepsake for her and her family to cherish for years to come.

teagan book blog2-1 teagan book blog2-2 teagan book blog2-3 teagan book blog2-4 teagan book blog2-5

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Kathryn – studio portraits



I got to spend a few minutes with one of my senior models in the studio the other day.  She needed a portrait to use for an upcoming dance competition and class.  We kept things simple and created these images for her during her session.  I am so excited to work with this senior this year.  Thanks Kathryn for coming by the studio to capture these.Collage 1

omalley blog2


omalley blog3

omalley blog4

omalley blog5

omalley blog6

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