Parking Garage Senior Session

parking garage blog 19

I think we finally have an idea of what it must be like to live in Seattle.  Rain, rain, rain for the past few weeks.  I had forgotten what sunshine looked liked.  Needless to say, many of my sessions over the past few weeks have been rescheduled.  I was set to do a session at the beach last night, but it was….wait for it……raining!  So I met up with two of my senior model reps. for a quick session downtown under the cover of a parking garage.  I had in mind to do a moody black and white session to convey just how much I have disliked the rain lately.  I think we nailed it.  I had so much working with these two beautiful girls last night and I am so thankful that they spent time hanging out with me to do this shoot last minute.  Enjoy the portraits and I think I FINALLY see the sun.

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Magic, magic…senior portraits

I had the pleasure of meeting Nate and his family a few years back for his brother’s senior portraits.  We met up at his home near Fruitland and had some fun capturing him in some of his many elements.  Lacrosse, wrestling, band, and magic were all part of his portrait experience and we both lived through incorporating a smoke bomb into his portraits.

I crafted a homemade smoke bomb to use for some of the magic portraits.  We set all the lighting up and planed out what we wanted, then lit the smoke bomb.  We should have tested one before hand.  It started out great then soon erupted into a torch shooting flames about three feet into the air with lots of smoke.  It was quite a surprise, but both of us made it through unharmed, just a little wiser in working with pyrotechnics.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!  By the way, he is a fabulous magician and can be hired for parties and events.

salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 1

salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 2salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 3salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 4salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 5salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 6salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 7salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 8 The moment when the smoke bomb turned into a blazing inferno. It was just a little frightening, to say the least.

salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 9 salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 10 salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 11 salisbury-senior-portraits-magic-photo 12

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Prom Dress Session

One of my favorite local businesses happens to be Dryden’s Dress Co. in downtown Salisbury.  Sarah and Julie are super nice, provide excellent service, and love love love their clients.  Being in the wedding photography business has given us a chance to be partners with them in several ways.  On occasion we do sessions with our senior model reps to showcase the latest fashions that Dryden’s carries in their shoppe.  Add that to the beautiful Class of 2017 Models that are representing my studio and you get nothing but beauty as a result of that combination.  Several of my 2017 models and one of our 2016 models came out for a short session in the studio featuring a few of Dryden’s prom gown selections for 2016.  This was such a fun session with these girls, can’t wait to work with them the rest of the year.  Enjoy!

prom 2017 blog collage 12

prom 2017 blog collage 1

prom 2017 blog collage 2 prom 2017 blog collage 3 prom 2017 blog collage 4 prom 2017 blog collage 5 prom 2017 blog collage 6 prom 2017 blog collage 7 prom 2017 blog collage 8

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Hannah’s Portraits – Salisbury MD senior portrait photographer

Hannah is one of my senior models that I get the chance to work with for the year before she graduates high school.  We’ve done a few sessions together, but so far this one is my favorite and really shows her personality and beauty.  We headed out to Pemberton Park in Salisbury to capture these the other day.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!adkins blog 1
adkins blog 2 adkins blog 3 adkins blog 4 adkins blog 5 adkins blog 6 adkins blog 7 adkins blog 8 adkins blog 9 adkins blog 10 adkins blog 11

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Fall Senior Model Session – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

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The days are getting chillier, the sun is setting earlier, and the fall colors are bursting in the trees.  I love this time of the year with colors unlike any other and soft warm light that contrasts with the colder weather.  It was a day like that when I met up with several of my senior models from the Class of 2016 for a little fall session.  We spent some time over at Winterplace Park here in Salisbury capturing these images.  All of these girls are lovely and such a joy to work with and photograph.  It’s hard to me to believe that we are halfway through their senior year already.  We’ve got a lot more shoots to do before graduation, but this is one of my favorites so far with this group of girls.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great Thanksgiving!!!smr fall blog 2 smr fall blog 3 smr fall blog 4 smr fall blog 5 smr fall blog 6 smr fall blog 7 smr fall blog 8 smr fall blog 9 smr fall blog 10 smr fall blog 11 smr fall blog 12 smr fall blog 13 smr fall blog 14 smr fall blog 15 smr fall blog 16 smr fall blog 17 smr fall blog 18 smr fall blog 19 smr fall blog 20 smr fall blog 21 smr fall blog 22 smr fall blog 23


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Jacob’s Senior Portraits – Salisbury MD senior portrait photographer

wainrightblog 7Meet Jacob!  He is an amazing young man who is a senior at Parkside High School.  Go Rams!  He is gifted with perfect hair and music and plays trombone in the marching, concert, and jazz ensembles at school.  We spent a wonderful evening downtown and out at the Cove capturing his portraits.  Enjoy the sneak peeks and have a great senior year Jacob!

wainrightblog 1 wainrightblog 2 wainrightblog 3 wainrightblog 4 wainrightblog 5 wainrightblog 8 wainrightblog 9 wainrightblog 10 wainrightblog 11wainrightblog 12


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Tyler’s sneak peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

dunn blog 10Meet Tyler!  He is a senior at Bennett High School where he plays baseball with an amazing high school team.  We incorporated a few with his baseball uni out at the Bennett field for his portraits.  Then we headed to the Ward Museum for the rest of his casuals.  It was fun hanging out and getting to know this senior.  Fun, down to earth, great athlete, and just a nice guy.  Great spending the afternoon with you capturing your portraits.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.

dunn blog 1 dunn blog 2 dunn blog 3 dunn blog 4 dunn blog 5 dunn blog 6 dunn blog 7 dunn blog 8 dunn blog 9 dunn blog 11


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Pumpkin Patch BFF Session – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

pumpkin patch blog 3I have had the privilege of photographing and getting to know these amazing girls this year as model reps. for my studio.  We met up the other day out at Adkin’s Farm Market to capture a few at the pumpkin patch before the market closed for the season.  Enjoy the sneak peeks from this BFF session and these beautiful seniors from Bennett High School.

pumpkin patch blog 1 pumpkin patch blog 2 pumpkin patch blog 4 pumpkin patch blog 5 pumpkin patch blog 6 pumpkin patch blog 7 pumpkin patch blog 8 pumpkin patch blog 9 pumpkin patch blog 10 pumpkin patch blog 11 pumpkin patch blog 12 pumpkin patch blog 13 pumpkin patch blog 14


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Agustina’s Senior Portraits – Ocean City, MD senior portrait photographer

cortes blog 20

Meet Agustina!  I had the privilege of meeting this lovely young lady earlier this summer for her senior session.  We captured a few in the studio then headed to OC for portraits at the Inlet and with her board.  Once we got to the beach the winds had picked up and were blowing about 30-35mph that night.  So, we did a few pictures then called it a night when she literally got blown over trying to hold her surfboard for a shot.

We were finally able to finish her session and I am glad that we waited.  The tourists had cleared out for the season + it was 78 degrees that day we finished her session.  Her sister dropped her off at the inlet then went and picked up Agustina’s brand new custom board from K Coast in Ocean City.  Beautiful evening, beautiful board, and an absolutely stunning senior.  We love capturing portraits that are unique and speak loudly of what our seniors are about.  Enjoy these!  As you can see this girl was made for the water.cortes blog 1 cortes blog 2 cortes blog 3 cortes blog 4 cortes blog 5 cortes blog 6 cortes blog 7 cortes blog 8 cortes blog 9 cortes blog 10 cortes blog 11 cortes blog 12 cortes blog 13 cortes blog 14 cortes blog 15 cortes blog 16 cortes blog 17 cortes blog 18 cortes blog 19 cortes blog 21


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Shelby’s Senior Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Shelby!  She is a senior in the Class of 2016 at Bennett High School.  She is involved in marching band in school and horseback riding when she is not sitting in class.  We met up the other day out at the farm where she rides, Pemberton Farms.  Todd was there(her horse) and we did some portraits focused on one of the loves of her life, horseback riding.  From there we stopped by her high school for portraits with her color guard items then finished up at a local park as the sun was setting on a beautiful fall day.  These are just a few of the portrait that we captured during her session.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

shelby moore blog 1 shelby moore blog 2 shelby moore blog 3 shelby moore blog 5 shelby moore blog 6 shelby moore blog 7 shelby moore blog 8 shelby moore blog 9 shelby moore blog 10 shelby moore blog 12 shelby moore blog 13 shelby moore blog 14 shelby moore blog 15 shelby moore blog 16

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