Morgan – Senior Model Rep. Class of 2015 – Salisbury senior portraits

Let me introduce an amazing young lady.  This is Morgan and she will be a senior at Parkside High School this coming fall in the Class of 2015.  I have the honor of having her represent my studio this year as one of my Senior Model Reps.  We had a blast capturing some of her senior portraits the other day.  We hit the steps of a local church to capture her in front to these cool doors, then headed over to SU for a few other casuals.

Enjoy just a few sneak peeks from her session.  Remember, it’s not too early to book your portrait session with our studio.  We get pretty busy in the fall, so don’t miss out on scheduling with us.  You will love the portraits and have a fantastic experience creating them.











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Top 5 reasons that the CD/DVD and Thumb Drive are DEAD!

#5 If you don’t have the CD/DVD or Thumb drive with you, you can’t show or use your images.

The burden of getting your images in a format and a place where you can use them and easily share them is up to you.  Your photographer may hand you a CD as part of your portrait package, but often we just don’t know what to do with the CD.  How do you take large files and format them for facebook galleries?  What if I want to print out a 5X7 of a 15Mb file?  How can I get them on my mobile phone, so that I can share them with my friends and family?  Your photographer may be generous enough to provide, not only the high resolution digital files, but they may also provide you with web ready images.  Again, you still need to take the images from the CD/DVD or Thumb drive format and get them to your gallery or place to post.  It’s an added step, that most of us just don’t have time or the complete knowhow to accomplish.  So the CD sits in a desk drawer, the thumb drive of our beautiful wedding images languishes in the cute branded box that it came in.

#4 Thumb drives can be easily misplaced/lost

Let’s be honest, thumb drives are small things.  I’ve misplaced several in my years(data and files on the lost drives were backed up, so nothing lost), I’ve even run one through the wash, completely by accident.  But they don’t do well in the spin cycle and my data was gone.  I know that often times we want to have something to hold in our hands, but something as tiny as the flash drives they are making today is easily lost.

#3 Most computers being built today don’t even come with CD/DVD drives.

Apple has made the switch to providing online downloads of their favorite software and OS(just take a look at the App Store).  Most software companies charge an extra fee just to ship you a CD of the software that you purchased online.  The cloud has gained in popularity and ease of use.  Plus, you can access the cloud from just about anywhere, a CD you need to have with you to use.

#2 CD/DVDs get scratched and eventually data becomes corrupted, meaning your photos are history.

CD/DVDs and thumb drives are physical media, meaning they can be susceptible to physical damage.  A scratch in the wrong place on a CD will render your precious portraits unreadable and essentially lost.  A thumb drive dropped on a hard floor can cause the data on it to become corrupted as well.  Archival CD/DVDs can last for 100 years, however will a CD/DVD player be around for your grandkids to access your pictures.  Who know’s how long the CD or even the thumb drive storage format will be around.  Like in the years past when we began to copy family movies from super8, to VHS, to CD/DVD.  What will be the next format we will have to convert our files to just to continue to view and enjoy them?

#1 You can’t easily share your images with your friends and family.

Unless they are at your computer, or YOU have taken the time to place them in galleries on your mobile device or tablet, chances are you won’t share many of your images.  After you have taken the time to upload them to facebook and create your own gallery of images it is easier to share them.  But most of us would rather not have that extra step, just so we can show off our professionally captured images.

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Heather + Mike – Ocean City, MD Wedding – April 2014

Mike and Heather were married in a small country church in Willards on a warm April day.  I long for that day to return as I was scrapping ice off of my windshield this morning.  Brrr…  They had a beautiful wedding.  From getting ready at one of the bridesmaid’s house, to the delightful ceremony at the Willards Methodist Church, to the rousing reception, it was all around a wonderful and picture perfect day.  Mike and Heather had carved out a large chunk of time for their photos.  So, we took advantage of that and did pictures at the church, at the jetty in Ocean City, and on a piece of private property in Willards that held special meaning for them.  The flowers by Kitty’s Flowers were amazing as usual and the Cake by Cake Art was beautiful.

Mike and Heather,

Amanda and I wish you the best as your begin your marriage and pray for a long and wonderful journey together.  Thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful day.  It was an honor to be with you and share in it.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!  Sincerely -James and Amanda


Some of the beautiful details from Mike and Heather’s picture perfect wedding day.


Mike and the fellas hanging out before the ceremony.



Heather looking stunning in her beautiful gown.


The bridal party.


Mr. and Mrs. before heading to the reception.


We stopped at the inlet in O.C. for a few quick portraits of the bridal party on the inlet jetty.


Heather on the rocks at the jetty.


Introducing the happy couple at the reception, plus a few laughs during the best man’s toast to the newlyweds.


The reception was a blast at the Golden Sands hotel in O.C. Mike and Heather danced the night away surrounded by lots of friends and family happy to celebrate their marriage.

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Sarah + Brian – Ocean City, MD Engagement Portraits, wedding photographer

Amanda and I have gotten to meet so many amazing clients this year who have entrusted us with capturing their wedding days.  One of those couples is Sarah and her fiancé Brian.  We met up in Ocean City last week for their engagement portrait session.  We had a blast capturing these and many other images as well as simply getting to hang out and get to know each other better.  Sarah and Brian thanks for meeting me the other night to take these portraits.  Enjoy just a few of the sneak peeks here on the blog.  I am so excited to be part of your wedding day in May.










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Megan – Senior Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Megan.  She is a senior in the Class of 2014 at The Salisbury School….go Dragons!  We got to spend an afternoon together this fall capturing her senior portraits.  It was so much fun taking these, trekking out into the middle of a field with a vintage chair I found for $5 at a local yard sale, stopping by a cool barn I know of in town, and just getting to hang out with her and her friend Alyssa was fantastic.  We are booking senior portrait sessions now for the Class of 2015 and we can still do portraits for the Class of 2014 if you haven’t had yours taken yet.  Enjoy these photos from Megan’s session and give us a call to book your portraits.









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Mark and Kristina’s Engagement Portraits – {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD wedding photographer

Amanda and I met up with Mark and Kristina in downtown Salisbury a few days ago to do their engagement portraits.  We have the honor of capturing their wedding day at UMES in July.  They are having a Harlem Renaissance themed wedding!  We can’t wait for their big day to arrive; getting to be part of it and capturing what will be an amazing day we can’t quite contain our excitement!

In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks from the other night downtown.  We were photobombed by Sherman from the minor league baseball team during their session, it turned out to be Third Friday a big draw for downtown, but it was a gorgeous night and this couple was amazing and such a blast to be with.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!











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Sadie – Senior Model Rep. Class of 2015 – Ocean City senior portraits

Remember that nice spring day about a week ago before we got another round of snow?  Well, Sadie and I headed out to the inlet in Ocean City for some of her senior portraits.  It was actually a beautiful day and nice weather at the beach.  I am so excited to have her representing my studio this year as one of my Model Reps. from Bennett High School.  Take a look at a few of her sneak peeks from this session.

Sadie will have Rep. Cards in school which will get you some free prints when you book your session with my studio.  I have a limited number of sessions for seniors, so don’t miss out on getting yours booked.  I would love to meet you and deliver great portraits and an amazing experience while creating them.  Just ask Sadie about her experience with my studio and how she loves her portraits.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!










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Sarah – Senior Model Rep. Class of 2015 – Senior Portraits, Salisbury MD

I have the great pleasure of working with this beautiful Senior Model Rep. in the Class of 2015.  We spent a little time in the studio last week and then headed over to SU for some portraits outside.  Sarah is so much fun to be around and has been a joy to work with so far!

I am currently booking senior portrait sessions for the Class of 2015 already.  We only do a limited number of sessions a year, so don’t miss out on amazing portraits and a great experience having them done!  Ask Sarah how she has enjoyed being a model rep and about her experience with our studio so far.  It’s amazing!

Enjoy a few of Sarah’s sneak peeks.



Dancers can be a little crazy at times….but we love having fun in the studio during their sessions.







We captured these images on the first day of Spring. The beautiful long-stem flowers were provided by The City Florist and really added to our session.



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Zoë – Senior Model Rep. Class of 2014 – Berlin, MD Senior Portraits

Zoë has been one of my amazing Model Reps. for my studio this year from the Class of 2014 at PHS.  We have had the chance to photograph her a lot during her senior year and a few days ago we made the last installment of her portrait images.  We met up in downtown Berlin, MD(voted best small town in America), to capture a few stylized portraits.  She brought some awesome outfits that she had found while on a shopping trip to NY City and the Atlantic Hotel was the perfect backdrop to finish up her portraits.  She fit right in to the 20′s era and Mom was a tremendous help.  Enjoy just a few of the sneak peeks from her 20′s themed session last week.

We are currently beginning to book senior portrait sessions for the Class of 2015 already.  I only do a limited number of sessions, so if you want to have amazing portraits, and a great experience while having them taken, contact me to set up your session.











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Chelsea + Justin – Rockhall MD, Wedding – March 2014

Amanda and I absolutely ADORE our wedding clients.  We had been looking forward to Chelsea and Justin’s big day ever since they booked us and gave us the honor of capturing their wedding.  After lots of anticipation the day finally arrived and it was wonderful, beautiful, and packed with emotion and laughter.

They were married in a small Methodist church in Rock City, MD (as the locals call it), followed by a fun-filled reception at the Rock Hall Fire Hall Banquet facility.  Chelsea was absolutely stunning in her beautiful gown.  We had a lovely spring day and the bridal party couldn’t have been more fun to work with.  Amanda and I wish you the best and we can’t wait for you to see all of the images we captured of your day.  Congrats!

Enjoy the sneak peeks!



I loved Chelsea’s ‘something old’; a photo locket of her and her brother in her bouquet!



Some bridal portraits before the ceremony. Chelsea was stunning.


Chelsea was the epitome of grace as the wind picked up and tried to take off with her veil while we were doing portraits in front of the church.



Another gorgeous bridal party!!



The guys aren’t so bad either, handsome and just a fun group of friends.



Mr. and Mrs. right after the ceremony inside the church.


Chelsea and Justin introduced at the reception and having their first dance together.


Tossing the bouquet and gettin’ down at the reception.


What a beautiful couple. Congrats!!




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