Mackenzie’s Sneak Peeks – St. Michaels Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Mackenzie!  She is a senior at Queens Annes High School in the Class of 2016.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mackenzie who happened to be with her mom at a bridal show in Easton.  Her mom, Erin, is an amazing wedding photographer who I have been able to shoot with on various occasions over the years.  I was so honored, humbled, and a tad bit nervous that Mackenzie had chosen me to capture her senior portraits.

We met up the other night in the beautiful Eastern Shore town of St. Michael’s.  Quaint, quiet, very old architecture, and lovely seaside feel.  Think Nicholas Sparks novel and it puts you right in St. Michaels.  We spent some time photographing around the Maritime Museum, got rained on for a few minutes, then wandered around town to the historic Episcopal church, park, and main street.  It was a lovely evening, spent with a beautiful girl and her wonderful mother.

Mackenzie and Erin – thank you so much for the chance to spend some time with you the other night capturing these and many more portraits of your amazing daughter.  It was great catching up with you and photographing Mackenzie.  I hope you had a great experience so far and that you love the portraits we captured.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Nicole’s Sneak Peeks – Salisbury Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Nicole!  She is one of our senior models for the Class of 2016.  A few years back I had the privilege of meeting her and her family for her older sisters senior portraits.  He sister, Chelsea, joined us for part of her shoot and it was great catching up during the session.

I am so excited to be working with Chole this year and getting to capture her portraits.  Our first session was taken on a snowy day back in the winter, you can see pictures from that session here.  Our last session was done downtown and on the beach near Salisbury on a much warmer day than that first session in the snow.  We had a great night, got rained on for a few minutes, and even got a totally unexpected surprise while we were out at the Point(which I won’t mention here).  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Hannah – Sneak Peeks – Mardela Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Hannah!  She is a senior in the Class of 2016 at Salisbury Christian School here in Salisbury.  I have the privilege of working with her this year as a senior model for our studio.  We met up the other day at a friends farm in Mardela to capture her senior portraits.  It was a million degrees out, but you wouldn’t guess it from the portraits we captured.  She is a ball of energy, always smiling and giggling.  I’m looking forward to capturing more of this amazing girl this year.  For now here are a few sneak peeks to enjoy this week.

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Leah’s Sneak Peeks – Bethany Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Leah!  She is one of our model reps for the Class of 2016.  She goes to Bennett High School and a few years back I had the privilege of meeting her and her family when I did her older brother’s senior portraits.  I can’t remember if it was her or me that suggested that she come see us when she was a junior so that she could be a senior model.  Either way, time has flown by and she has grown into a beautiful young woman.  And I am so excited that she is a model rep for my studio this year.  She has been a joy to photograph and her family is amazing.  I got to spend an evening with them up in Bethany Beach for her portraits.  The thunderstorm went right around us and we took pictures all over the place: the beach, her aunts house, and the boardwalk.  What a great evening with the Aeblys.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Rachel’s Sneak Peeks – Assateague Island senior portrait photographer

Meet Rachel!  She is an amazing young lady who happens to be one of my model reps for my studio this year.  She is now a senior at Bennett High School in the Class of 2016.  I met up the other day to do her casual session.  We had a blast stopping in historic downtown Berlin, MD, then heading to a beautiful night on the beach at Assateague.  She is a dancer who takes part in Rock and Roll Revival at JMB and she plays volleyball.  I am so excited to be working with her this year and having her represent my studio.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!!

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McKenna’s Sneak Peeks – Ocean City Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet McKenna!  She is one of our beautiful Senior Models for the Class of 2016.  We met up the other day to capture her senior portrait session.  A field, abandoned business near OC, and of course the Inlet in Ocean City.  It was a fantastic night and so much fun getting to spend time with this amazing girl.  I can’t wait for you to see all of the images we captured from your session McKenna.

I am currently booking portraits for the Class of 2016.  I have limited spots available so contact the studio to reserve yours.  We create timeless and beautiful images that show your personality and your uniqueness.

Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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Alison’s sneak peeks – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Alison! She recently graduated from Bennett High School with the Class of 2015.  We did her senior portraits in the fall  in the studio, but a monsoon keep us from finishing her portraits outside that day.  We were able to capture her outdoor portraits last week on a beautiful night out at Cedar Hill Marina in Tyaskin, MD.  What a great girl: beautiful, intelligent, funny, athletic, and so easy-going.  One of my favorite sessions from this year so far.  Alison, I wish you the best as you head off to college in the fall.  Enjoy your summer working at the beach and getting yourself a killer tan.  Thanks for having me create your portraits.  Enjoy the sneak peeks.

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Kasey’s Softball Portraits – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

I got to hang out with Kasey and her mom the other night at the Bennett High School softball field to capture a part of this girls life that she loves, softball.  Kasey is a pitcher for the Clippers softball team and rarely sits the bench.  I’ve seen her pitch and she is a natural, so much so that she will be playing softball in college next year.

Last fall I captured her senior portraits, but didn’t have a chance to do these softball portraits until last week(you can see the sneak peeks from her fall session here).  I love doing these kinds of portraits, ones that aren’t your typical senior session.  They always challenge my creativity and tell a bigger story than just normal posed senior portraits.

Enjoy the sneak peeks from this session!

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Regan’s Senior Portrait {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Regan!  She is one of our senior models for the Class of 2016.  She goes to Bennett High School here in Salisbury.  I had the pleasure of photographing her the other night around Salisbury and then out at Roaring Point Park.  The files were ferocious the night we did her portraits, but we managed to get some great portraits while we were out there.  These are just a few sneak peeks from our session together.  Enjoy!

If you are a junior and beginning to look around at who will create your senior portraits make sure you talk to Regan, she will tell you all about her experience with our studio and the amazing images we provide for our clients.  We are currently booking sessions for the summer and early fall.  Don’t wait as our session openings fill up quickly.  Contact me at the studio for more information and to book your session.

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Allie’s Senior Portrait – {sneak peeks} – Salisbury, MD senior portrait photographer

Meet Allie!  She is one of our Senior Models for the Class of 2016.  She is also one of the sweetest girls that we have had a chance to work with;  an incredible dancer, wise beyond her years, and is so much fun to photograph.  She wanted to head to the beach for her portraits and also try and get a few with a railroad feel to them.  I love the RayBan sassy look and the artful beauty of her in the white dress on the beach.

Public Service Announcement: By the way, if you didn’t know, it is illegal to photograph on active tracks(it is trespassing) and also very dangerous – we don’t put our clients at risk in that way.

We headed out to a little sleepy town in Worcester Co. population ~200 where they have a restored railroad station and tracks that are no longer in use.

After the train station we headed down to Assateague National Park for her beach portraits.  I absolutely love the one of her sitting on the steps of the kayak shack.   We are currently booking portraits for the summer and early fall.  We have limited availability so contact us as at the studio to set up your unforgettable senior session.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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